How It Works


1.  Customer checks out on merchant website/app.

2.  Merchant makes real-name authentication where applicable.

3.  Customer pays with Alipay.

4.  Merchant judges whether customer real-name authentication is required. If no, proceed. If yes, the customer must pass the authentication to proceed.

5.  Payment successful.

6.  Merchant receives the payment success message.

7.  Merchant calls Alipay interface to transmit the payment information to customs e-port.

8.  Customs e-port reviews the payment information.

9.  Customs e-port proceeds with the three-document-in-one declaration.

10.  The merchandise is delivered after completing customs clearance.


Huge number of Alipay users:

Huge number of real-name authenticated Alipay users.


Wide range of applicability:

The service works with both General Customs Administration and major local customs.


Easy consistency check:

Easy consistency-check of the buyer and payer information. 



This service is free of charge.

Application Conditions from Customs

1. For overseas cross-border e-commerce enterprise,the merchant can/must ask a domestic representative to register at the local customs and obtain the filing name and number.


2. Ensure that customers are real-name verified. Any transaction paid a non real-name verified user will not be accepted by the customs and risks resulting in refund.


3. Comply with customs policies that include, but are not limited to the following requirements: 

* The amount of a single transaction must not exceed 5,000 CNY. 

* The annual quota on cross-border e-commerce purchases for an individual buyer is 26,000 CNY. Ensure that this limit is not exceeded when declaring a transaction. 

Merchant is responsible for answering customer inquiries and complaints related to customs policies.

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